Genital Warts Treatment Genital Warts Treatment

Order online genital warts treatment.

Fill in a questionnaire and one of our doctors will review your order and prescribe a treatment.

Prices from €96.50
Prices from €96.50

Genital Warts Treatment Genital Warts Treatment

Order online genital warts treatment.

Fill in a questionnaire and one of our doctors will review your order and prescribe a treatment.

Prices from €96.50
Prices from €96.50

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    What are genital warts?

    Genital warts are benign tissue growths that occur on the external genitals, anus, vagina and rectum. They are triggered by a virus. Millions of people in the UK suffer from this sexually transmitted disease. Genital warts are only pin size and can grow into cauliflower-like growths, which do not remain unobserved and are usually treated beforehand, so that these growths never degenerate in size. In addition to the classic genital warts, there are also special forms, such as the flat genital warts called Condyloma Plana.

    Are genital warts carcinogenic?

    Triggered by human papillomavirus (HPV), they are transmitted through sexual contact with infected individuals. The papilloma viruses responsible for wart formation are usually harmless and not associated with any cancer risk. In very rare cases, they can also develop in the mouth and throat. In people with a weakened immune system (due to HIV or taking immunosuppressive drugs), colon cancer could be caused rarely by genital warts.

    What is the cause of genital warts?

    The cause of genital warts is an infection with the human papilloma virus, also called HPV. The low- risk types such as HPV 6 and HPV 11 usually cause the genital warts. Unfortunately the high-risk type HPV 16 or 18 can cause cervical cancer. Unprotected sexual intercourse causes 100% transmission.

    How long does it take to become infected by genital warts?

    After the infection with the Papilloma virus, it takes from four weeks up to eight months, until the warts form.

    How exactly are genital warts transmitted?

    Genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted diseases and are transmitted via direct mucosal contact. Although condoms can lower the risk, they are not 100% safe, because they do not cover all the skin that may be affected by the HP virus. In the area of the genitals and the anus, genital warts can also be found. Contaminated sex toys can also cause the genital warts to spread. Shared towels, bath sponges and bathing in the same bathtub can cause a genital warts infection, too. Oral sex with an infected person can cause a wart-like thickening of the skin in the throat, which means that a harmless genital warts infection can occur there as well. In pregnant women, the trigger of genital warts can be transmitted to the newborn at the moment of birth.

    Possible consequences of an infection

    According to experts, there are actually only a few cases in which genital warts can lead to serious consequences. About 40 different strains of the papilloma pathogens are known by now. Some of them indicate cervical cancer. Therefore, women should always be examined if they discover genital warts, although they are generally considered to be harmless.

    Symptoms of genital warts

    • Genital warts do not cause pain
    • Itching
    • Foul- smelling secretion
    • Slight bleeding from the warts

    How to diagnose genital warts

    There are differences between men and women, as the genital warts form in different places.

    Genital warts in men

    • At the penile sickle
    • At the urethral exit (Meatus Urethrae Externus)
    • At the extension of the urethral outlet (Fossa navicularis)

    The doctor may dilate the urethra opening to examine the end of the urethra, which is called meatoscopy. Urethral speculation is performed when genital warts are present at the urethral opening. Prior to this procedure, however, the genital warts, visible from the outside, are treated to prevent human papilloma virus from penetrating into the urethra during reflection.

    Genital warts in women

    In women, they often occur in the labial area or the anus and are clearly recognizable. As part of a gynecological examination, the gynecologist will scan the vagina from the inside and then examine it with a speculum to detect internal warts. In addition, a smear is taken from the mucosa of the cervix. The "pap test" can detect malignant cell changes at an early stage, such as those caused by HPV infection, with the high-risk types HPV 16 or 18.

    In addition, there still exists the colposcopy inside the vagina. Here the cervix is examined by a special microscope or colposcope, and even the smallest of the genital warts can be identified.

    Treatment of genital warts

    With certain preparations one can treat genital warts. At Apomeds, we have the most effective creams for genital warts on offer: Warticon, Condyline, Aldara.

    All three drugs are on prescription. At Apomeds, you can have a prescription issued via online diagnosis by a EU doctor. Your order will then be processed by the mail order pharmacy and you will receive the drug within 48 hours.

    How does the therapy for genital warts work?

    If the cream is administered as early and carefully as possible, then the genital warts can effectively be eliminated. However, if the wart attack is too widespread and at an advanced stage, the removal of the warts might be a better option, especially in women. This can be done by laser or nitrogen treatment as well as by scraping, depending on the affected area and extent. As soon as you discover symptoms, please see a doctor immediately, or consult Apomeds online.

    Medicines for the treatment of genital warts at Apomeds

    If you have already received a positive pap test for genital warts and need the appropriate medicines for treatment, you can easily and simply get an online prescription at Apomeds. Just complete our online health questionnaire, which is checked by experienced doctors and processed by the mail-order pharmacy. The drug is then safely sent within 48 hours, in a discreet package, directly to your doorstep.

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