HIV home test HIV home test

Order online the HIV home test kit.

Fill in a questionnaire and one of our doctors will review your order and prescribe a treatment.

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HIV home test HIV home test

Order online the HIV home test kit.

Fill in a questionnaire and one of our doctors will review your order and prescribe a treatment.

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Complete your order in 3 simple steps

Complete your order in 3 simple steps
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    What is a HIV home test kit?

    The HIV home test kit test is very easy to perform and just requires a drop of blood. The test detects HIV antibodies and is the first CE marked home test in the UK. You will get an accurate result in 15 minutes. If you want to test yourself at home, you can now order the HIV test anonym and discreet online at Apomeds. Just click on the test kit and the quantity and receive the HIV home test in discreet packaging directly to your home.

    Why we should get tested for HIV?

    Approximately around 12,000 People in the UK hat are infected with HIV remain undiagnosed and spread the disease. That’s why its important to get tested and know your status if you think you might get infected through unprotected sex or otherwise. Just people that know their status can get professional help.

    Today treatments are so good that with an early diagnose and the right treatment the Virus can be suppressed that it is even undetectable so that you can’t pass it on. Also, HIV and Aids are not the same thing. People with HIV can life a long and happy life with HIV without never developing Aids.

    Important information about the HIV home test kit

    Its very important to do the HIV home test correctly. First, you must understand that the test only works after 3 months of infections as antibodies are building up and can only be detected after a window time of around 12 weeks, sometimes its takes only 6 weeks to build up antibodies but in some rare cases it can take up to 12 weeks. That means if u made a test before the 12 weeks window time and your result was negative you should do the test again after 3 months.

    How the test works?

    When your body gets in contact with an infection like a virus or bacteria antibodies start building up to protect you against the virus. The HIV home test kit detects these antibodies in your blood and not the HIV Virus itself, that’s why its important to always consider the window time. The test works like a pregnancy test. If you think you just got exposed some days or hours before, please contact a local sexual health clinic immediately to get tested and get a sample of your blood to the laboratory.

    Staying negative

    If you are HIV negative, you should do everything, so it will stay that way. The first thing is to always have safe sex. Using condoms is the easiest way to protect yourself from HIV and other Sexual diseases. Condoms are just the best way to stay negative. Please change the condom that you use for each new partner if you have sex with several partners.

    Many people don’t like condoms but came a long way. Today you can buy condoms in different colors, flavors and sizes and they are not as thick as they used to be. The NHS make condoms available for everybody for free, male and female.

    What is PrEP

    PrEP is a drug that can be taken before sex and reduces the risk of getting HIV, like a contraceptive pill. Truvada is the name of the antiretroviral drug that is also commonly used to treat HIV: It blocks the HIV so that the Virus can’t enter. It will not protect you from other sexual transmitted diseases.

    PrEP can be taken regularly or 14 hours before having sex and then 24 and 48 hours after and is only available online.

    Stay safe and make safe choices

    To stay negative, you should always have safe sex. Only if you are 100% certain that your partner has no HIV you should always protect yourself and make the right choice for you. If you take risks, test yourself regularly.

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