General well-being is crucial for being truly happy. In order to feel absolutely well, it is important to be in the best possible physical condition. Pains and ailments can significantly and quickly decrease our happiness. As we all know, body and soul are inextricably linked – and true well-being is only possible if body and soul are in healthy harmony with each other.

Weight Loss

Obesity is not only a cosmetic problem but a chronic illness that is associated with reduced quality of life and sequelae. It can be defined as a build-up of adipose tissue in your body that goes beyond the normal level.Based on the latest estimates in European Union countries, overweight affects 30-70% of adults, while obesity affects 10-30%.

Quit Smoking

We all know how harmful smoking is for our health and the devastating impact it has on the long-term. However, quitting smoking is very difficult. Fortunately, these days it is possible to receive medical help. Champix, with its active ingredient varenicline, helps you become a non-smoker by stopping your urge to smoke.


Acne is an ailment of the oil glands in the skin. Depending on the severity, the common acne, also called acne vulgaris, is exhibited by an oily skin with blackheads, pimples and zits. It appears on areas of the body that contain a lot of oil glands such as the face, cleavage, neck, upper arms and back. An early and professional acne treatment can help ease the symptoms and prevent after-effects.

Cold Sore

A lot of people have already had the experience: Just when you absolutely want to look perfect,cold sores develop. Some even suspect that their emergence is related to stress and too much excitement. However, it is certain that these are caused by herpes viruses. They often occur in the run-up to flu. Once you have had cold sores, they can recur. Fortunately, these can be treated extremely well with appropriate medication.


Migraine is the most common neurological disease and about seven percent of the male population and 13 percent of the female population suffer from it, unfortunately mostly since childhood. Migraine is one of the oldest and best-known diseases and the right migraine tablets are targeted, fast and reliable. At Apomeds you can obtain a prescription for the drugs, Imigran and Sumatriptan.


Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is reminiscent of severe acne and usually occurs on the face. More than 400 million people worldwide are thought to be affected by rosacea. Apomeds has effective treatment for rosacea in stock.

How we can increase our well-being

Since everyone is unique, the pathway to happiness is surely different for each individual. The one thing we all have in common though, is that we all want to be healthy. Physical health contributes enormously to our well-being. In order to stay healthy, we usually have to do something about it!

Physical activity and general fitness

The best way to stay physically fit and hence increase general well-being, is to be physically active. Depending on your individual condition and age, you should definitely be physically active on a daily basis – and even better, to really sweat daily. Such activity stimulates the body, muscles and the metabolism and positively affects mental health as well. Especially during times when we spend too much time sitting and staring into a laptop, we should exercise as a balance, or at least walk as much as possible. Think about it – it will do you good!

Healthy nutrition

In order to enhance physical and mental fitness even further, healthy nutrition plays a big role. Avoid fast food, eat less carbs and meat and enjoy more vegetables and fruits! This will cause you to not only automatically lose a few kilos, but to also feel more mentally refreshed. Furthermore, you should not eat too late at night, since that can prevent healthy sleep.

Mental balance

More and more is required from us in our achievement-oriented society. A lot of people are exposed to stress regularly. Millions of people are close to a burn-out. That poisons our well-being. What can we do against it? A lot! Exercising, as described above, will make you feel more balanced. But you can also directly work on your mental strength and ruggedness. The best methods for that are all kinds of meditation. Daily meditation has even more highly positive side effects. It improves our ability to think and concentrate and it makes us more empathetic.

Healthy social relationships

A lot of people suffer from social isolation due to our excessive use of social networks and other media. That is not only mentally harmful, but can eventually also make you physically sick. Be sure to socialize in real life!

What isn’t good for us

If we pay attention to all these things, we will benefit immensely and feel better. But it does not always work like that, and the long-term consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle are not just physical ailments and diseases. We are all only human and our bodies are not machines! Most illnesses and diseases result from an unhealthy lifestyle and the trend is increasing. Skin ailments such as acne or rosacea can affect our complexion, and make us feel even worse. Unhealthy nutrition is often accompanied by a high level of cholesterol, which can cause severe sickness. Herpes can also be caused by too much stress. And more and more men have to pay the price for their exhausting careers and suffer from psychologically-rooted erection dysfunction. Do not take those physical warning signals lightly!

The right medication in case of sickness

If we are suffering from certain discomforts or ailments, it is time to treat them and to change the way we think about our lifestyle. Please be aware that medication alone cannot improve your well-being, since medication only treats the symptoms that your unhealthy lifestyle has caused. A shift to a healthy, balanced lifestyle should accompany your medical treatment.

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