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Rosacea, is a skin disease that mainly affects middle-aged people. It is a chronic inflammation of the skin and is usually characterized by dilated blood vessels. If you suffer from rosacea and would like treatment, you can do so online now. Fill out a medical questionnaire that is checked by a licences doctor, and get an online prescription. The treatment will then be sent directly and discreetly to your home!

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What is Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is reminiscent of severe acne and usually occurs on the face. More than 400 million people worldwide are thought to be affected by rosacea. This disease is usually triggered by excessive strain on the skin. In many cases rosacea is chronic and not completely curable. However, the symptoms can be greatly reduced by appropriate treatment with medication.

Rosacea Symptoms

For many people it is like a nightmare: one thinks he overcame acne with youth, and then it can suddenly reappear in a modified form in adulthood as well, in the form of rosacea. The appearance of the skin is similar: first reddening of the skin, later vasodilatation, inflammatory blisters and nodules. Sometimes rosacea, which occurs in relapses, can even cause severe itching, and is thus sometimes a severe impairment in the lives of affected people.

Rosacea Causes

The causes that lead to the development of rosacea are debatable. It is clear that this occurs in certain people when they put excessive strain on their skin: through too much UV radiation, for example, or through poorly tolerated cosmetics, heat, hot showers, stress and too much coffee consumption. However, why a certain percentage of all people develop this chronic form of skin inflammation has not yet been clarified. However, genetic disposition is suspected which, in combination with bacterial infections or immunological factors, leads to the described skin irritations. Particularly tragic for those affected: once rosacea has formed, it is usually no longer completely curable. However, with appropriate behavior, the symptoms can be kept under control to a large extent. Certain medications can also help.

Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea is known to have three degrees of severity and some special forms. At severity 1, in addition to reddening of the skin, vascular dilatation occurs in the facial skin. The skin tends to flake and itch, and occasionally stabbing pain can occur. With severity 2, additional blisters and knots appear which remain for several weeks before disappearing again. In addition, fluid accumulation can occur in the facial tissue. Severity 3 expresses itself through strongly inflamed enlarged sebaceous glands – it develops growths, as for instance a pug nose. This form of rosacea can be a significant psychological burden for those affected. Furthermore, some sub-types of rosacea are known, which have different characteristics.

Rosacea Therapy

Unfortunately, rosacea can only be treated to a limited extent and will usually not disappear completely. However, one can largely get the symptoms under control. Above all, the right cosmetic care can significantly improve the appearance of the skin. Patients should also pay close attention to their diet – however, it is not possible to generalize any nutritional tips, as every patient reacts to different foods. A big help in the treatment of rosacea is the use of medication. One can rely on local therapy, which usually works with cream. This is applied directly to the affected areas. Metronidazole and azelaic acid are among the most important active substances used in this process. The main focus here is on the anti-inflammatory effect of these drugs. These drugs also inhibit the growth of skin cells, which counteracts skin proliferation.

Rosacea Treatment with Medication

The systemic treatment of rosacea relies on medication in the form of tablets. These are mostly used for the serious form of this skin disease. Antibiotics can also be used if the trigger is bacterial in nature. At Apomeds we offer two products: Soolantra, Mirvaso Gel. Finally, laser treatments and surgical procedures can bring improvements.

Treatment at Apomeds

At Apomeds you can also buy medications for the treatment of rosacea. Among the products that have proven helpful are Soolantra and Mirvaso Gel. In both cases the creams are intended for local therapy. You can now order from the comfort of your own home. An online prescription will be issued to you by an licences doctor, and the original product will be delivered to your home!

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