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A woman’s complex physical makeup is majorly different to a man. A woman needs to visit the obstetrician/gynecologist frequently, at all stages – when wishing to become pregnant, for conception control, during pregnancy or menopause. Similarly, for complaints and ailments, such as sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), vaginal yeast infections, chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, menstrual pains and even for uterus and breast cancer the ob-gyn is very important. Thats why Apomeds has a wide range of products for women.

Progestogen only pill

Progestogen only pills is an oral contraceptive that contains the hormone progestin. Unlike combination birth control pills the mini pill doesn't contain estrogen.

Progestogen only pill

Cystitis Treatment

Cystitis, like most medical conditions, can be chronic or acute. Acute cystitis is when cystitis occurs suddenly, while interstitial cystitis has become a long-term condition involving multiple tissue layers of the bladder. The most commonly-prescribed cystitis medications is Nitrofurantoin, highly effective.

Cystitis Treatment

Morning After Pill

The morning-after pill is an emergency contraception. With Apomeds, you can order the pill quickly and in an uncomplicated manner. After a successful short consultation via a questionnaire, the prescription will be sent immediately to the mail-order pharmacy. You will receive the morning-after pill, delivered, within two working days.

Morning After Pill

Facial Hair Removal

The word hirsutism stems from Latin and means hairy. It is a term that is used when women exhibit typically-male hair growth. It develops through a change from vellus hair (peach fuzz) into terminal hair (long hair) and can be genetic, hormonal or a side effect of medication.

Facial Hair Removal

Bacterial Vaginosis

A bacterial vaginosis is caused caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina. The symptoms of a vaginal infection are usually clear, but the infection in itself is not a reason to panic and easily treated.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Women’s health overview

The different phases in a woman’s life (e.g. menstrual pains or complaints during menopause), often need special attention and appropriate care. The social environment, society, certain stress factors and environmental effects also play a big role in a woman’s health.

During a woman’s whole life, she is influenced by hormones and subject to certain ups and downs. This process starts already in puberty, and finishes after the menopause. Because of these hormonal variations, women may suffer from being overweight, osteoporosis, heart attack, hair loss, depression, sleeplessness, pigmentation, hot flashes, irritability and many other complaints. All in all, women succumb to circumstances of hormonal imbalance more than men.

Our product range for women

We carry pharmaceuticals in the following sections:

  • Oral contraceptives (birth-control pill)
  • Urinary-tract infection and cystitis treatment
  • The morning-after pill
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Facial Hair removal

Order birth-control pills online

You don’t have to visit your doctor anymore in order to buy oral contraceptives. Instead, you can get the prescription in our virtual consultation. Whether the mini-pill, micro-pill, or the combination-pill –Apomeds carries the most well- known and best birth-control pills on the market! Apomeds stocks the following pills in its range of products:

Progestogen only pill


The morning-after pill

Forgot to take the pill? Broken condom? Such accidents can happen anytime and that’s why the morning-after pill was developed. For many women and girls, it is too embarrassing to go to the doctor after such an incidence. The morning-after pill needs to be taken within three days of the unprotected intercourse.

Through the early use of the medication, the settling of fertilized eggs in the uterine lining is avoided and therefore pregnancy is prevented. Apomeds carries two different morning-after pills.

Bacterial Vaginosis

In this area we also offer a brand medication. Bacterial Vaginosis, also known as Gardnerella vaginalis or haemophilus vaginalis, happens when the vagina is over-inhabited by anaerobic bacteria or Gardnerella. Then inflammation occurs in the vaginal area, which causes discharge, a fishy odour, burning and itching. Many know this problem under the name vaginal yeast infection. A yeast infection is very common and not a reason to panic.

Hair removal

Which woman doesn’t know it; the unending nuisance of hair-removal. When the enzyme, ornithine decarboxylase, is released excessively, it creates strong hair growth. The reason can be hormonal or genetic. Nowadays, it is not very desirable for women to have a lot of body hair. On the contrary, the trend is for women to be totally hair-free, on the whole body.

Apomeds also has the perfect solution for this kind of distress! Unwanted hair is very disturbing – especially on the face. Vaniqa is the only approved lotion so far, against hirsutism, and can lead to obvious improvement. The active ingredient eflornithine, reduces the effect of the enzyme ornithine decarboxylases, which is found inside the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth. With Vaniqa, the growth process is reduced or completely stopped.

Cystitis treatment

Chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs) are usually caused by intestinal bacteria. Either the pathogens invade the urinary tract system for the first time, or a previous infection wasn’t entirely cured. In over 90% of the cases it is a newly acquired infection, which can happen more than two weeks after a previous inflammation. Because of a shorter urethra, women suffer much more than men from this problem.

UTI’s can happen acutely or they can become chronic. The cause of a chronic urinary tract infection, is a defect in the body’s own protective layer of the bladder wall that the intestinal- bacteria invade. When the GAG’s (glycosaminoglycan) or protective layer is damaged and being attacked, the body’s own protection function becomes disturbed and inflammation occurs as a result.

Apomeds offers an effective antibiotic for the treatment of cystitis, which is obtainable only with a prescription.

Women’s health at Apomeds

Apomeds’ goal is to promote women’s’ health. Experienced EU-certified physicians let you fill out an online questionnaire and if you are suited to the medicine, you will receive a prescription with which you can order the relevant brand medication. The order will arrive to your home within 24-48 hours by postal delivery, in neutral packaging. For more information on how Apomeds works, please click here.

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