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Emergency contraception

The morning-after pill is an emergency contraception. Since 2015, it is possible for women to buy the morning-after pill, after a short conversation with the pharmacist, at the pharmacy without a prescription. With Apomeds, you can order the pill quickly and in an uncomplicated manner. After a successful short consultation via a questionnaire, the prescription will be sent immediately to the mail-order pharmacy. You will receive the morning-after pill, delivered, within two working days.

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What is the morning-after pill?

The morning-after pill is used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The emergency contraception pill is taken in the following situations:

  • failure of a birth- control method, for example a broken condom,
  • unprotected intercourse,
  • if the birth -control pill was forgotten and therefore there is no assurance that a conception is prevented.

How does the morning-after pill work?

The pill changes the effect of the natural hormone progesterone, which is responsible for ovulation. The ovulation is postponed and the sperm become ineffective. After taking the pill, you can expect menstruation to come back at the usual time with a leeway of seven days. Late menstruation is therefore not necessarily a sign of a pregnancy. The effect of the morning-after pill is almost 100%. Statistically, only 2 out of 100 women became pregnant after taking the morning-after pill.

How long after does the morning-after pill have to be taken?

You should take the morning-after pill as fast as possible after the relevant intercourse, but no later than five days after. Sperm can survive up to five days after intercourse inside a woman’s body, and the egg cell could be fertilized during that time. The emergency contraception pill can be taken at any time during the menstrual cycle.

How effective is the morning-after pill?

The hormone, levonorgestrel, is very effective as an emergency contraception. Out of 100 women who use the morning-after pill at the right time as a birth control, less than 0.6 women become pregnant.

How does the morning-after pill help girls and women?

It is normal and common that an “accident” can happen and as a result fertilization occurs. In the past, women and girls had to wait in panic for the result, since only the anticipated arrival of the period assured that there was no pregnancy.

What happens in the body of a woman after the application?

After taking the pill, ovulation is delayed, and the sperm cannot fertilize the egg cell. The cycle continues as usual. If menstruation is introduced by taking the pill, it is possible that the period is stronger than usual and accompanied by pain, nausea, cramps and other side effects. That is not necessarily the case. If the egg cell was already fertilized before the morning-after pill was able to have an effect, the egg will be lodged into the uterine lining and the pill will not be effective. In such a case the pregnancy will not be terminated.

When should the morning-after pill not be used?

In case of an allergy to the main ingredient, it is advised not to take the pill. It is not recommended to take the morning-after pill together with a birth- control pill or while having a gestagen-releasing IUD (intrauterine device). Furthermore, the following conditions have to be clarified with the physician before administering the pill:

  • severe liver disease
  • overweight
  • asthma

Order the morning-after pill with Apomeds

The morning-after pill can be bought in British pharmacies without a prescription since 2015. Even though a prescription for the medication is not needed, the pharmacist will ask you a few questions in order to find out if you are suited for the medicine. With Apomeds, you can order the morning-after pill conveniently, after filling out a short questionnaire online. If there are no reservations, your order will be redirected to the mail-order pharmacy and you will have the morning-after pill sent, no later than 48 hours, directly to your home. With Apomeds, you can order the following morning-after pills:

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