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Doxycycline Chlamydia


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Doxycycline is one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of chlamydia. You can now easily buy the original Doxycycline without leaving the comfort of your home. Doxycycline is an antibiotic that can be used to combat a wide range of different bacteria. Today, you can easily buy your own pack of this very efficient medicine. Apomeds makes it possible. Once you complete a simple medical questionnaire that will be reviewed by a EU licensed physician we issue your prescription and your treatment will be send automatically to your doorsteps.

Doxycycline Chlamydia 100 mg
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Doxycycline Chlamydia
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    What is Doxycycline?

    Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases nowadays. Since it is often not detected in time and left untreated in many cases, Chlamydia can increase significantly. Chlamydia causes few symptoms, which is why it is easily transmitted to other people without awareness.

    Doxycycline is by far, one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of Chlamydia. It works by inhibiting the formation of proteins in bacteria, called Chlamydia Trachomatis, that cause the disease. Thus, the bacteria lose their metabolic function, which means that they then no longer multiply. Once the bacteria are unable to spread, the human immune system begins to completely eliminate them.

    Efficiency of Chlamydia antibiotics

    The efficacy of Doxycycline has been shown to be almost 100% effective in many studies. Studies have also shown that doxycycline is slightly more effective than other Chlamydia antibiotics, such as Azithromycin and Erythromycin. Because of the overall effectiveness of Doxycycline as an antibiotic that fights bacterial infections, it is often used to prevent malaria. There will be no results when treating viral infections because it fights bacteria not viruses.

    Duration and dosage

    The usual dose of Doxycycline for Chlamydia treatment is 200 mg, on the first day of treatment, and then 100 mg once or twice a day for 7-21 days. The antibiotic should be taken with a large amount of water to ease its tolerability. It is important to note that milk, antacids (like Maalox), substances that contain a greater amount of di- and trivalent ions like zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium or aluminum and activated carbon, should not be consumed at least three hours before and after taking the drug. These substances can cause the drug to be not absorbed by the body. The duration of treatment is determined by the physician, according to the severity of the infection and the general physical condition of the patient.

    Duration of treatment

    The duration and dosage may vary, as Chlamydia is usually not identified for a long period of time, so that the bacteria can thrive freely and the disease spread. Therefore, it is very important to be tested for Chlamydia at least once a year. It is also very important to see your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms.

    Chlamydia Symptoms

    Symptoms usually appear very late and you should be tested, as mentioned above, at least once a year.

    • Symptoms for women include: abnormal and often unpleasant-smelling vaginal discharge, a burning sensation or pain when urinating and pain during intercourse.
    • Symptoms for men include: discharge from the penis, burning and itching around the urinary orifice of the penis, burning or pain when urinating and swelling and pain in one or both testes (rare).
    • When the rectum is infected with chlamydia, it causes vaginal discharge, rectal pain and / or bleeding.

    Doxycycline Leaflet

    Side effects

    Doxycycline is usually very well-tolerated, however, some side effects may occur.

    The most common side effects include:

    • Photosensitivity of the skin
    • Headache
    • Allergic reactions such as swelling or rashes
    • Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract such as bloating and nausea

    Less common side effects include:

    • Noises in the ear
    • Blood-clotting disorders
    • Decreased neutrophils (a type of white blood cell)
    • Muscle pain
    • Changes in taste, vision and smell

    If any of the above or other side effects occur, tell your doctor immediately. Read the leaflet for detailed information on the side effects, contraindications and drug interactions.

    Contra-indications and interactions with other medications

    Before taking Doxycycline, tell your doctor about any medicine that you take.

    Some products and medications that may interact badly with the drug are:

    • Barbiturates (such as phenobarbital)
    • Seizure medication (such as phenytoin)
    • Retinoid oral medications (such as isotretinoin, acitretin)
    • Blood- thinning medications
    • Digoxin
    • Strontium
    • Doxycycline may also interfere with some laboratory tests, e.g. the urine catecholamine level test, which can lead to false test results.

    It should not be taken by pregnant women, nursing women and children under 8 years, as it can negatively affect the development of bones and teeth.

    Can you buy Doxycyclin over the counter?

    Doxycycline is not sold over-the-counter in the UK and a prescription is necessary. With Apomeds, you get your prescription and your Doxycycline quickly and without the hassle of going to the doctor and waiting in the pharmacy. Just fill out our medical questionnaire. Your answers will be reviewed by a UK-approved physician. After your prescription has been issued, the drug will be sent to your home address, discreetly packaged, by a mail order pharmacy. Apomeds has also another treatment for chlamydia infections Azithromycin.

    Buy Doxycycline

    If you have Chlamydia and want to get rid of it as efficiently as possible, then Doxycycline might be right. With Apomeds, you can request your treatment online. Apomeds connects you to competent, EU-licensed online physicians, and a well-equipped mail-order pharmacy. More Information about how it works can be found here.

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