ED- Brand Trial Pack

ED Trial Pack

Viagra, Cialis & Spedra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • ED- Brand Trial Pack
  • ED- Brand Trial Pack
  • ED- Brand Trial Pack
  • ED- Brand Trial Pack
  • ED- Brand Trial Pack

Viagra, Cialis & Spedra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

ED- Brand Trial Pack Price from £17.40 per pill + Private prescription £17.00

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Sie erhalten Ihr Medikament ED- Brand Trial Pack neutral verpackt und direkt zu Ihnen nach Hause geliefert. Wenn Sie ein Privatrezept haben, können Sie dieses einlösen, indem Sie es uns zusenden, oder Sie können ein e-Rezept über den Online-Ärztedienst nach der Beantwortung eines Fragebogens beantragen. Die Preise beinhalten die kostenlose Standardlieferung. Sie können mit Karte, Lastschrift, Rechnung, Ratenzahlung oder Vorauskasse bezahlen.

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Package size & Dosage ED- Brand Trial Pack

ED- Brand Trial Pack Viagra 25 mg Cialis 10 mg Spedra 50mg

from £17.40 per pill
  • 12 TABLETS
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ED- Brand Trial Pack Information

Brand name ED- Brand Trial Pack
Manufacturer ED Trial Pack
Active ingredient Avanafil, Sildenafil, Tadalafil
Dosage form TABLETS
Prescription requirement Prescription only

Why should I order the ED Trial pack?

In addition to the most famous sexual enhancer Viagra, there are nowadays a lot more sexual enhancer on the market, although all of them have the same mode of action. In order for you to find out which sexual enhancer is most suitable, we have put together a trial pack containing the best and most prescribed ED medicines in the UK.

Why should I test different sexual enhancers?

As described above, the time to development and duration of erectile dysfunction medications are often different and each patient responds somewhat differently to the medications. It is therefore natural, before a permanent application, to test the drugs. With the ED-trial pack, you now have the opportunity to find the best medication for you.

Which ED medications are included in the trial pack?

Our trial pack includes original Viagra 25mg from Pfizer, Cialis 10mg from Lilly Pharm and Spedra 50mg from the manufacture Menarini. All medications are originals and include the active ingredients Sildenafil in Viagra, Tadalafil in Cialis and Avenafil in Spedra. The dosage is suitable for those who have never taken ED Medications before and each dosage can be adjusted accordingly after being tested.

ED Trial Pack Leaflets

How do sexual enhancers actually work?

Sexual enhancer products subtly relax the blood vessels in the penis. As a result, in sexual arousal, the blood will flow more easily into the penis and an erection will be achieved. All sexual enhancers are based on the so-called PDE-5 inhibitor. An erection is caused by the messenger cGMP, which is released during sexual arousal and dilates the blood vessels. An enzyme is also responsible for the degradation; this enzyme is inhibited by the drug, so that an erection is maintained longer.

Order sexual enhancers online

You can easily start the online diagnose for sexual enhancers online at Apomeds.. A doctor admitted in the EU will look closely at the medical questionnaire and then issue a prescription for you., if you are eligable Apomeds then forwards this electronic prescription directly to a mail-order pharmacy, which discreetly sends the medication directly to your home. Next to our ED Brand Trial Pack, we also have generics like Sildenafil and Tadalafil on our site and a ED Generic Trial Pack. Read more about our medical adisory board,here and read how Apomeds works.

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