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The Warticon cream is normally used as a dosage of 0.5% and helps the elimination of genital warts, thus saving the surgical removal of the warts. We can send you the treatment for genital warts with Warticon, directly to your home. Genital warts are transmitted via the HPV virus during sexual intercourse and it is a venereal disease, which is unpleasant but not a great health risk.

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What is Warticon?

Warticon derives from the podophyllum root extract of the berberidaceae family and fights the growth inside warts, as well as the spreading process. Consequently, the infected cells are killed and warts completely eliminated. The Warticon treatment is intended for external application. Apart from Condyline, there is no other product on the market that fights more effectively against genital warts than Warticon. Both products are available on our platform.

Treatment of genital warts

For the treatment of genital warts, the cream is applied externally. The active ingredient, deriving from the Podophyllum root, interferes with the growth of warts and stops it from spreading to other areas. After a few days or weeks, warts will be completely gone.

What is the effect of Warticon?

The active ingredient, Podophyllotoxin, stimulates the body's natural defenses. Studies have proven that the drug eliminates genital warts completely as it binds the intrinsic immune cells and increases the release of alpha interferon, a protein that blocks the growth of harmful cells. Even in an advanced stage of genital warts, this drug can rapidly eliminate them.

How to apply the cream

Warticon is applied directly to genital warts, twice a day, for three days. Before applying, clean the affected areas with soap and water. The cream should be applied sparingly with an applicator and then gently rubbed in. Make sure to wash your hands after application.

In contrast to Aldara, another remedy for the removal of genital warts, Warticon does not have to be washed off the affected skin. If the desired results are not achieved after three days, the treatment should be repeated up to a maximum of five weeks. If genital warts have not been eliminated at the end of the therapy, a doctor should be consulted. There are other treatment options, like laser treatment, scraping, surgery or icing of warts, depending on the location and extent of the tissues of warts.

Warticon Leaflet

Side effects

All medications affect the human body in some way. However, treatment with Warticon has only a few side effects that usually go away quickly.

Common side effects include

  • General skin irritations such as redness and burning
  • Itching
  • Formation of pustules

Rare side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness

If any of the above or other side effects occur, tell your doctor immediately. Read the Patient Information Leaflet for detailed information on side effects, contraindications, and drug interactions.

Contraindications and interactions with other medications

There is no empirical data on interactions with other medicinal products. However, the consumption of alcohol should be avoided during the treatment, as the immune system is lowered and the side effects mentioned above may be increased.

Do not use Warticon if you have:

  • Hyper-sensitivity to the ingredients
  • Immune defense deficiency due to HIV, organ transplantation or long-term high-dose cortisone treatment
  • Bowen's disease
  • Recurrent herpes infections
  • Syphilis
  • Open wounds
  • Bleeding genital warts
  • Inflamed genital warts
  • People under 18 years
  • Pregnancy

Please note that this treatment is not suitable for people less than 18 years of age.

Buy Warticon online

For the treatment of genital warts, we have a highly effective wart remedy called Warticon. The Warticon reviews are quite positive and the cream is regarded as one of the most effective products on the market against genital warts. If you need treatment against genital warts, you can request an e-prescription via a short medical questionnaire. Our doctors will check your answers and issue the prescription. After that, the medication will be delivered straight to your doorsteps. More information on how Apomeds works can be found here. On our platform, you can find other effective genital warts treatments, such as Aldara cream. All products can be purchased only via a prescription.

Disclaimer: Please note that the drug you see in the picture indicates one of the possible manufacturers of the drug. We might send you a drug from a different manufacturer. All products comply with the highest EU standards.

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