Premature Ejaculation

Men often measure their potency with others. Unfortunately, there are many men in the UK affected by premature ejaculation. Although there are such a large number of affected men, nobody really talks about it. The too-early ejaculation is very often accompanied by distress, embarrassment and anxiety.

Premature ejaculation is related to a sexual dysfunction in which the man ejaculates too soon. This often creates problems with the partner. The majority of affected men who are in relationships, probably suspect that their partner is cheating on them. A man‘s self- confidence suffers enormously under this difficulty of controlling his ejaculation. Apomeds offer treatments for premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation


TreatmentManufacturerActive ingredientHow long does it take to workHow long it lastsAction
PriligyDapoxetinAround 1 to 3 Hours24 hours
Emla CreamLidocain and PrilocainimmediatelyUp to 5 hours

Definition of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, in latin called ejaculatio praecox, refers to the sexual dysfunction, in which the man’s ejaculation happens uncontrollably fast, so that no satisfactory sexual intercourse can take place for the partner. On the one hand, uncontrolled ejaculation is embarrassing, and on the other, it is disappointing for others. The average man has an ejaculation after about three to five minutes of intercourse, with individual differences.

How many men suffer from ejaculation disorders?

The occasional premature ejaculation is normal and not of concern, especially in young men. A problem exists only if the disturbances occur regularly and permanently. 20% of men report having premature ejaculation. A trip to the urologist can be very unpleasant. Who wants to tell others that he has this embarrassing problem? If the doctor then prescribes treatment for premature ejaculation, it still has to be bought in the pharmacy which can also be embarrassing, especially if many people are waiting on line.

Causes of ejaculation disorder

There are two main causes:

Lifelong or primary ejaculation

In this condition, the sufferers always have their orgasm too early, because their glans is too sensitive, and any excitement or irritation causes an erection, regardless of a partner or the situation. This type occurs much more frequently than acquired ejaculation. It can also happen, however, with first sexual experiences.

Acquired or secondary ejaculation

This type occurs in the course of life. In earlier years, no premature ejaculation was noted. The patient had a normal sex-life and normal ejaculation behavior. This type may indicate an inflamed prostate, thyroid dysfunction, or erectile dysfunction and may lessen as the condition improves, or has a psychological cause such as relationship problems, stress, etc.

Tips and tricks for a later ejaculation

There are actually some natural treatments for premature ejaculation you can try yourself, such as: Frequent sex, masturbation a few hours before intercourse, or specific sexual postures. However, it may take some time for these techniques to help.

Start- Stop Trick

This method is most commonly used, and is easy to implement. The penis is stimulated until it is close to ejaculation, then the stimulation is suspended for 30 - 60 seconds until the man regains control of the situation.

Squeeze Trick

Here, the penis is pressed just before ejaculation between glans and shaft. This technique helps the man to recognize the point of orgasm, in order to delay a premature ejaculation.

Treatments for premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation pills for UK: Priligy

Priligy, is a fast-acting, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) with the active ingredient, dapoxetine. It extends the time before ejaculation in the man, and can improve control of ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation remedies: Emla Cream

Emla cream, is a local anaesthetic and a locally applicable painkiller, with the active ingredient lidocaine as well as prilocaine. This numbs the skin of the glans and the mucous membranes. Hence it reduces the sensitivity of the penis. The ointment is applied in a small layer on the glans. Since the nerve endings are anesthetized, premature ejaculation is difficult, as no external stimuli are transmitted.

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