Cold Sore

Up to 40 percent of all people have cold sores or herpes blisters at least once in their lives. Although this viral infection, which usually occurs on the lips, is basically harmless, it can be very unpleasant. At Apomeds, you can buy the prescription antiviral Aciclovir, with a prescription online.

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, which produces cold sores on the skin that contain a highly contagious fluid. Ointments are best against cold sores – some of them can also be used preventative.

Cold Sore


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AciclovirAciclovirAntiviralsMen and women over 18 with cold sore and other herpes infections

How Cold Sores Emerge

The cause of cold sores is the herpes simplex virus, which occurs in two types. Types one and two. Type one is usually responsible for cold sores, and this is transmitted via smear infection, i.e. when kissing or sharing cutlery or straws. As a rule, this is also the reason why the herpes virus is transmitted from parents to children even at the youngest age. It is true that transmission can always take place – even if the transmitter does not have any bubbles. However, the probability of transmission is all the greater if you have acute cold sores.

Prevent the Spread of Cold Sores

Once infected, the herpes simplex virus remains in the body. However, there are considerably more viruses in the body when cold sores occur acutely. In such situations, it is essential to wash your hands frequently and to prevent contact between the mouth and genital area - because a cold sore in the mouth can easily develop into genital herpes, which is even more unpleasant. In general, herpes is associated with severe itching and mild pain. The course of the disease is usually very similar. Cold sores usually heal again after four to six days. An infection usually begins with slight stinging and pulling in the endangered area. Only after up to two days does a cold sore actually form. Ideally, this should be treated with cream at this early stage, as the spread of the viruses can then usually be largely prevented.

Non-curable Herpes Infection

To date, no effective therapy has been found to defeat the herpes simplex virus forever. This is because the virus nests itself extremely effectively in the nerve roots, where it usually remains inconspicuous. Only from time to time do these break out in the form of cold sores. However, this viral disease is not catastrophic, because apart from the impairments and itching during the vesicle phases, no symptoms occur with Herpes Simplex.

Cold Sores Medicine at Apomeds

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