Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal yeast infection

During bacterial vaginosis, also known as gardnerella infection or haemophilus vaginalis, an overgrowth of anaerobic or gardnerella bacteria occurs in the vagina. The trigger of this vaginal yeast infection, is often the yeast fungus, candida albicans.With Apomeds, you can order Metronidazole, for the treatment of yeast infections, online. We connect you to licenced physicians and a registered mail-order pharmacy, and the medication will be delivered quickly and conveniently. The earlier an infection is detected, the earlier you can get rid of it.

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Yeast infection facts

Gynecologists in Britain report that statistically, eight out of ten women have suffered, at least once, from a vaginal yeast infection. Despite the symptoms, many do not see their gynecologist, because they are embarrassed or have no time. If the fungus is not treated correctly however, it can get worse or come back after the next period – even if the medication was already taken. For a lot of women, yeast infection is an embarrassment, not to be discussed, as they think of it is a typical sexually-transmitted disease. But that is not true.

How does a vaginal yeast infection develop?

Yeast infections weaken the immune system and prevent healthy vaginal bacteria from overcoming the fungus. The lactic acid bacteria, called lactobacilli, inhabit the whole vaginal mucous membrane. A healthy vagina has an acidic pH-value of between 3.8 and 4.5, and unwanted bacteria cannot spread. The protective microcosm of the vagina is not easily upset, but internal and external influences can increase the amount of the lactic acid bacteria and unfavorable bacteria. This causes a rise of the pH-value inside the vagina, with the resulting bacterial imbalance causing the yeast infection.

Causes of bacterial vaginosis

The causes of a yeast infection can be one or a combination of the following.

Internal factors:

  • Cycle-dependent hormonal imbalances
  • A weak immune system
  • Psychological stress
  • An overgrowth of the yeast fungus, candida albicans, in the body, mainly in the gut
  • Extreme overweight

External factors:

  • Incorrect vaginal hygiene with too much soap, shower gel or the use of wet wipes
  • Wearing string thongs, which provides the bacteria with a bridge between the bowels and the vagina
  • The use of antibiotics
  • The use of birth- control pills
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Contamination from a whirlpool, swimming pool, sauna or public toilet
  • Infection during sexual intercourse (mainly with trichomonads)
  • A lowered immune system from consuming excessive drugs and alcohol

Yeast infection symptoms

Nowadays, a quick yeast infection-test from the pharmacy provides a safe diagnosis. The symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are itching in the vaginal area, increased vaginal discharge that smells fishy, redness, rash and/or burning sensation in the genital region during urination or sexual intercourse.


A specific antibiotic is needed for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Since the bacteria of bacterial vaginosis are not caused by the candida yeast fungus, the treatment needs to be done with a different product. We have the appropriate yeast infection medication for you in stock.

For the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, we carry a highly effective antibiotic called Metronidazole. Metronidazole fights anaerobic bacteria like helicobacter, gardnerella and campylobacter and also works against protozoan bacteria like trichomonas, entamoeba histolytica and giardia. Within a short period of time the infection is stopped, and the symptoms disappear. The bacteria are killed, and the vaginal flora regenerates.


Products that restore the acidic vaginal and gut flora are needed since the vaginal fungus dislikes an acidic environment. The following natural products can be taken as prevention, externally and internally:

  • Natural yogurt
  • Bread drink

If the fungus comes back frequently, after taking the medicine and the recommended precautions, it is highly advisable to wear cotton underwear that can be washed at 90 degrees in the washing machine and no longer wear string thongs. Healthy nutrition and a lifestyle with little stress, are also crucial for the regeneration of the natural balance of the vaginal flora.

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