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To buy Emla Cream online

A local anaesthetic for the treatment of premature ejaculation. You can now order the Emla cream online. Apomeds will send you the medicine within 24 hours!

The Emla cream is a local anaesthetic. The active ingredients are lidocaine and prilocaine. The local anaesthetic is applied directly to the glans. In this way, premature ejaculation can effectively be prevented and orgasm delayed.

What is Emla?

Unfortunately, there are many men in the UK affected by premature ejaculation. Studies have shown that one man in three suffers from this problem, at least once in his life. Although there are such a large number of affected men, nobody really talks about it. The too-early ejaculation often causes distress, embarrassment and anxiety. The application of the cream has been proven to be very effective. With the active ingredients, lidocaine and prilocaine, the local anesthetic numbs the glans of the penis and therefore delays orgasm.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Many men have the same problem during sexual intercourse: The orgasm sets in shortly after beginning, and ends with the first mild sexual stimulation. Due to very high sensitivity in the glans of the penis, the orgasm is very hard to control. That's why Emla Cream was developed! It is a drug that can help prevent premature ejaculation and give the man more control over the timing of ejaculation. The cream is directly applied to the glans of the penis, and slightly numbs it. The effect is that the man has more time to reach orgasm. Next to the cream we also offer Priligy, the first drug for premature ejaculation.

Emla Cream – local anaesthetic for the penis

The cream is referred to as a medical local anaesthetic because it has an anaesthetic and analgesic effect on the penis. The cream prevents the transmission of stimulus to the brain, which is triggered by sexual stimulation during sexual intercourse. Emla Cream works because of two active ingredients: prilocaine and lidocaine. These two active ingredients mix together to form a viscous mass, which becomes liquid as soon as applied to skin, and is rapidly absorbed. As soon as the effect is felt, by the blocking of certain sensory cells, intercourse can begin. The glans of the penis now has lower sensitivity. The result is that the penis usually has to be stimulated much longer until ejaculation takes place.

Emla cream dosage and effect

The treatment is applied to the particularly sensitive area of the penis – the glans at the tip of the penis. It quickly numbs the area. (You should wash your fingers immediately after applying Emla cream, otherwise you might get numb fingertips). The cream effect begins after approximately 25 minutes, and usually lasts for up to one hour. The more cream applied, the stronger and longer the effect, although it will not last longer than 5 hours. The Emla cream can be purchased in doses of 25mg – in packs of 5g or 30g.

Emla cream side effects

Emla cream is an extremely effective ointment that stuns the penis, ensuring longer-lasting sex. Side effects are extremely rare. It may cause redness and itching in places where the ointment is applied. Applying it to areas other than the penis, especially to open wounds, or inside the eyes and ears, should be strictly avoided. Therefore it is vital to wash the hands after applying the cream.

Contraindications and interactions

Since the cream is applied externally, only few interactions and contraindications are known. However, you should not use the cream if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Also, you should not use it if you have ear complaints, such as acute middle-ear infection, or other problems with the ear canal.

Buy Emla cream online

Are you interested in Emla cream to prevent premature ejaculation? Buy Emla cream now, at a very reasonable price via Apomeds platform. This cream for sexual dysfunction does not need a prescription. Help your sex life with Emla cream and prevent premature ejaculation! More information about Apomeds can be found on our How Apomeds works Page.

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