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Buy Noriday pill online with prescription

With us you can safely and discreetly order your follow-up prescription for the so-called mini-pill without estrogen called Noriday. Apomeds connects you to mail-order-online pharmacies and EU-accredited physicians who check your completed questionnaire for contraindications and interactions with other medicines. The mail-order pharmacy will send you the birth-control pill within 24 to 48 hours, directly to your home, with no additional costs or fees.

Noriday is a so-called mini pill. It is a safe contraceptive without any estrogen. The active ingredient in the mini-pill is norethisterone, a corpus luteum hormone. Mini pills should always be taken at the same time with variations of 3 hours, but after that the safety might be reduced.

What is Noriday?

Noriday is used as a hormonal contraceptive and is well tolerated due to the low dosage. The estrogen-free contraceptive pill is referred to as a so-called mini-pill, because it contains only one hormone in contrast to the combined preparations, which have two female hormones.

The active substance norethisterone is a synthetic progestogen of the 1st generation. In addition to the estrogens, the gestagens are among the second important class of female sexual hormones, which are classified under the group of steroid hormones.

How to take the pill?

The mini-pill has a high contraceptive efficacy and at low dose. The hormonal drug contains only 0.03 mg of progestin, also known as corpus luteum hormone, and can also be taken by lactating women, because in contrast to the conventional combination pills with two hormones, the substance does not pass into the breast milk and is therefore safe for the baby. For breastfeeding, Noriday provides effective protection against re-pregnancy.

This mini pill has a daily intake and the variation of time should not exceed 3 hours, which means that it must be taken to the exact time. If this pill is forgotten twice, then the cycle should be preceded by other measures such as condoms to guarantee contraception. The pill is swallowed once a day with water. Noriday is taken throughout the 28-day cycle.

How is the effect of Noriday

In the female cervix the hormone norethisterone causes a change in consistency or better is responsible for thickening the cervical mucus. Therefore male sperm is not able to reach the uterus and the ovulation is suppressed or delayed, which increases the safety of not getting pregnant significantly.

Noriday side effects

Due to the low dosage, the side effects are weaker compared to those in a combination pill. The Noriday side effects may or may not occur.

Frequent side effects:
  • Irregular vaginal bleedings
  • Acne
  • Nervousness
  • Stomach problems
  • Spotted bleeding
  • Headache
  • Weight gain
  • Water retention
Occasional side effects:
  • Breast tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Increased hairiness for example in the face
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Depressed mood
Rare side effects:
  • Incompatibility of contact lenses
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Stains on the face
  • Blood clots in arteries or veins
If any of the above or other side effects occur, tell your doctor immediately. Read the leaflet for detailed information on the side effects, contraindications and drug interactions.

Contraindications and Interactions with other medications

In case of known hypersensitivity to the active substance norethisterone or to any other constituent such as lactose, Noriday birth control pills should not be taken.

Women with thrombosis in the lungs or legs should not take contraceptive pills. This also applies to current or previous liver disease, all types of hormonal cancer and tumors. Even in case of unexplained, irregular vaginal bleeding Noriday should not be used.

The intake of Noriday in case of the following acute and previous illnesses must be clarified with the doctor before taking the pill:
  • Liver cancer
  • Thrombosis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Tuberculosis
The effectiveness of the Yasmin pill is reduced by the following medications:

Antiepileptics, antibiotics, stomach upset medicines, barbiturates, St. John's wort, as well as drugs to cure tuberculosis, depression, gout and HIV.

Is it safe to order Noriday online without prescription?

There are many places in the Internet where you can order the contraceptive pill Noriday without a prescription. For health reasons we can only advise against taking this pill without obtaining a medical opinion first, as the preparation is not suitable for all women. Do not order Noriday if a prescription is not issued to you by a certified physician who has previously verified that you are suitable for the medicine.

Is Noriday suitable for all women?

The Noriday mini-pill is ideal for women over the age of 18 and for breastfeeding mothers.

In case of intolerance to estrogen this medication is not suitable. In women who suffer from severe premenstrual symptoms such as menstrual migraine or estrogen-related side effects such as edema, the drug is also suitable because it does not contain estrogen.

Order oral contraceptives at Apomeds

We understand that prescribing this medicine it should be checked beforehand if the woman is suitable for it. Apomeds connects you to a mail order pharmacies and EU-accredited physicians who check your completed questionnaire for contraindications and interactions with other medicines. So you can safely and discreetly order your birth control pill online! We only issue follow-up prescriptions for oral contraceptives!

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Buy Noriday online UK

You can easily select Nordiday on our website and fill out an online questionnaire that will be approved by the doctors we work with, provided you are suitable for the pill. We only issue follow-up prescriptions. The follow-up prescription will sent home together with the oral contraceptive in a discrete package.