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For all spontaneous men: Spedra, the brand-new sexual enhancer, shows its effect already after 10-15 minutes. And to make it even easier, you can order Spedra online and by prescription at Apomeds! Complete our online questionnaire, and a physician will issue an online prescription for you. The drug will then be sent by mail, discreetly packaged within two working days. All prices include shipping and prescription.

Spedra works 15 minutes after ingestion. The active ingredient that makes this possible is called Avanafil. The duration of action is about five to six hours. Spedra is a so-called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, that increases the blood supply to the penis, allowing a long- lasting erection.


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Spedra 50- 100 and 200mg -Leaflet

Spedra- what’s different?

Spedra is an extremely fast-acting sexual enhancer, which helps many men to be sexually effective, even if they normally suffer from erectile dysfunction. The drug is similar to Levitra, Viagra or Cialis. Above all, is characterized by its rapid effectiveness – in most cases an erection can be achieved within 15 minutes of taking it.

Effect and dosage

A drug for the temporary elimination of erectile dysfunction, has been on the market since 2014. It works 15-30 minutes after ingestion. The active ingredient that makes this possible is avanafil. It works as a PDE5 inhibitor providing for an increased blood supply to the penile body of the penis, as well as an inhibited premature outflow of the blood. This ensures that the penis can become hard during sexual stimulation, and this lasts for a longer period of time.

Unlike other PDE5 inhibitors, the drug does not just cause the penis to remain erect for hours. Rather, the sexual experience with Spedra is quite natural – the penis is only affected when the man actually feels pleasure.

Compared to Viagra, it can definitely be classified as more efficient. It works, in most cases, after 12 to 15 minutes, much faster than Viagra, where you have to wait about an hour for the effect. It also lasts much longer. It lasts six hours, while the effect in the better-known Viagra, usually subsides after only four hours.

Main treatment infomation

Product Name:Spedra
Active Ingredient(s):Avanafil
Available Dosage: 50mg, 100mg, 200mg
Drug class:PDE5 inhibitor
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription

How to take Spedra

In general, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach, as the effect occurs faster and is stronger when the stomach does not have to digest a lot of food. The consumption of high-caloric food and alcohol before ingestion may especially reduce the effect of Spedra, and should be avoided. For first-time use, tablets of Spedra, 50mg or 100 mg are recommended. Depending on the effect, the dose can be increased to Spedra 200 mg.

Spedra side effects

The side effects of the drug are similar to those of other PDE5 inhibitors, such as Viagra, Levitra or Sildenafil, which are also effective remedies to cure impotency.

For example, it has the following side effects:

– Headache
– Digestive problems
– Stuffy nose
– Giddiness
– Drowsiness
– Redness especially in the facial area.

If any of the above or other side effects occur, tell your doctor immediately. Read the leaflet for detailed information on the side effects, contraindications and drug interactions.

Contraindications and interactions

The drug should not be taken if there is an allergy to the active substance Avanafil or any other ingredient.
It should only be taken by men older than 19 years.

Spedra must be omitted in case of:

– Heart disease
– Circulatory problems
– Eye disorders
– Organ damage of any kind

Avanafil should not be taken with medications such as nitrates, or the sex drug, Poppers.
In addition, one should be careful when taking inhibitors of cytochrome CYP3A4, as these can reduce the metabolism of Avanafil in the body, and significantly increase the active ingredient.

Spedra reviews

In case studies, the drug was very well tolerated – better than Viagra, in 80 % of the candidates. The drug shows its effect after 15–30 minutes. According to the studies, the effect of Avanafil is more intense than with other potency drugs.

Sexual Enhancers for erectile dysfunction at Apomeds

In addition to Spedra, you can also order Viagra, Levitra or Cialis online. We also have the generic Viagra called Sildenafil, and the generic Cialis, called Tadalafil, in stock.

Buy Spedra online

You can buy the sexuel enhancer online, in the online shop, where it is available at reasonable prices. However, it can only be purchased on presentation of a prescription. If you do not want to go to the doctor to talk about erectile problems, you can easily get an online prescription from Apomeds.

To place an order at Apomeds is easy. Just follow the steps as described below and you will receive your order in less then 48 hours.

  • Select your medicine
    or choose the treatment you need.
  • Fill in a short questionnaire
    Doctors will review your case and confirm the prescription.
  • Delivery
    The medication, discreetly packed will be delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours.

Who we are

Apomeds is your medical internet platform that you can trust, we connect you with medical online consulting services, provided from Top EU-licensed doctors and  mail-order pharmacies that provide Top- quality medications. We make sure that you get the treatment that you need fast and to the highest standards.

For more Information about the Order and Delivery process, please click here.

What we offer

★ Remote medical consultations
★ Descriptions issued by EU- licenced Doctors
★ Original quality & generic medications
★ Medications are provided by European mail-order pharmacies
★ Discretion (All Orders are sent in discreet packaging)
★ Free delivery
★ No hidden fees
★ Easy repeat-prescription ordering
★ Fast and tracked delivery
★ Safe & Secure ( our Website and all Informations are encrypted)

Our Cornerstones

Medical Consultations
This platform brings customers in contact with licenced doctors, to whom they relay their state of health, in form of a medical questionnaire.

As part of our service to you, we will send the prescription, if granted directly to a mail order pharmacy, which will dispense and send your order to your home or your office.

Our European  mail pharmacies will send you the medication in less than 48 hours with a reliable shipping method that provides tracking code.

Discretion is another aspect that lies in our hearts and therefore we follow a strict privacy policy to protect personal data. All communications are encrypted and all orders are neutral packed.

We listens to our customer and we would love to hear your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions u might have.

Delivery and Packing

All prices stated on the Website include shipping and the electronic prescription. As soon as your parcel has been sent by the mail-order pharmacy, you will receive an email from us with your order details and shipping address.

The courier service will send you also the tracking number, that you can use to track the status of your shipment.

The shipping company will send your treatment directly to your doorstep, you can also choose to send your order to your workplace or P.O Box.

All orders are processed only after a successful receipt of payment. After receipt of payment, a doctor will evaluate your questionnaire and upon completion we will forward your prescription to the mail- order pharmacy. The pharmacy will then pack your order and deliver it to you via courier service company.

Tracking of Shippment

Once your package has been sent by the pharmacy, you will receive an email with the tracking number and website link of the courier service. With this number you can follow the status of your treatment through the website of the courier. Simply enter your package tracking number and click on “Track Mail”.

Packing of your order

All treatments are safely packaged in a discreet envelope or box. All the goods are discreetly packaged and no mention is made of the contents of the parcel or the sender. The envelope is only provided with your delivery address. Thus, we can guarantee the maximum protection of your privacy.

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    Nick Iakimov

    Perfect stuff for fags like me!

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    Tomer Tal

    Good pill!

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