Buy Viagra online!

Many men are searching in the internet for the terms buy Viagra or buy Viagra over the counter because they are embarrassed to go to the family doctor with erectile dysfunction problems. In fact, the threshold is still very high as far as this problem is concerned. No wonder that many men still search for the word buy Viagra over the counter without prescription on the internet.

Viagra Pill

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Online prescription services and treatments in the EU – legal situation!

There are more and more online pharmacies and online health platforms being found in the net. Many of these sites promise to ship prescription drugs without a prescription, especially in the field of sexual enhancement and potency drugs, some of them are dubious websites that should be avoided. On the other hand, there are also reputable providers on the Internet, that send medication with a prescription directly to your doorsteps, which is especially for patients with chronic or potency problems a big relief, since it spares the waiting line at the doctor and in the local pharmacy and sometimes the embarrassment at the doctor’s office.

online doctor


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Quit smoking-How to Be Smokeless!

Stop smoking- Tips and Treatments

According to the BZgA, the Federal Centre for Health Education, more than 121,000 people die every year in Germany as a result of smoking. On World No Tobacco Day on May 31, 2018, the BZgA pointed out the dangers and risks of smoking, and the enormous relapse rate of nicotine addicts. Many attempts to quit smoking fail because smokers face smoking everywhere, and can only cope with stressful situations by gripping a cigarette to relax.

Stop smoking


The physical and psychological components make it impossible for many nicotine addicts to quit smoking. Only when a serious disease is found can many sufferers stop smoking and often even then, cannot let go of cigarettes. There are people with lung cancer or end-stage facial tumours who continue to smoke because they care less about their death than their cigarettes.
Of course, addictive behavior is not the same for everyone. One person can have little trouble stopping, and another, even when his life is at stake, just cannot keep his hands off a cigarette. These are two extreme examples, but actually it depends on the cause and the number of years as a smoker.
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The cholesterol lies revealed!

What is cholesterol

In millions of people in Britain, cholesterol is too high. However, many sufferers are not familiar with the term, therefore we would like to enlighten you in this article and dispel some lies. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is vital to humans, because it fulfills important functions throughout the body.

High Cholesterol

The main functions

  • Structure of the cell membrane
  • Crucial component in many metabolic processes of the brain
  • Important starting material for the production of bile acids for fat digestion
  • Is necessary for the formation of vitamin D
  • Meaningful for the formation of certain hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and cortisol, which acts as a stress hormone, and is essential for many bodily functions.

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High blood pressure


blood pressure

Hypertension is a wide-spread disease in Britain. It is estimated that 20 to 30 million people suffer from it. In the long run, high blood pressure damages the blood vessels and contributes to the development of secondary diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Since hypertension has few symptoms, but should be treated quickly, it is important to be examined regularly.
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Is it possible to buy Viagra without a prescription?

Can i buy Viagra on the Internet without prescription

Apomeds has the solution. You do not feel like visiting your doctor to get a Viagra prescription? Then you are at the right place at Apomeds. Apomeds has the solution to buy genuine Viagra online without a direct doctor consultation. The online prescription! Just click on the desired remedy, fill out the online questionnaire, which will be checked by a doctor, and you will receive the drug safely and discreetly, delivered to your home – without a doctor’s appointment or a pharmacy visit.

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Why is Kamagra not legal?

Import of illegal sexual enhancers

Erectile dysfunction is still regarded by many men as a delicate taboo subject. It is often unpleasant for those affected to address the condition. Just the thought of a visit to the doctor is for many men unthinkable. So it’s no wonder that more and more men are looking for help for this problem on the net. In this research, you will inevitably come across a lot of dubious sites where drugs for erectile dysfunction are offered. If you enter on Google ” Buy potency enhancers online”, you will get over 7.2 million results. So many men just order one of these non-prescription drugs online. The worst thing that can happen is that it simply does not work and that you spend your money for nothing, right? But exactly here is the problem. Let me explain why?

illegal sexual enhancers

Bild:DPA-OTS-Zollfahndungsamt Essen

Ordering sexual enhancers on the Internet is in most cases a bad and dangerous idea. In addition to legal consequences such as heavy fines and court cases, improperly composed or incorrectly dosed potency remedies can also lead to damage to health or even death. Not without reason they are prescription drugs in Europe. In addition to counterfeits approved drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, you can also order sexual potency enhancers on the Internet, which are illegal in Europe – and all over the counter. Many of them are produced outside of Europe and are distributed from there via online trading all over the world. Most of the illegal sexual enhancers come from India.

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No prescription meds

Why medications need prescriptions

With prescription drugs, the patient is protected and the safe use of the drug is guaranteed, so use of the prescription makes sense. This is also strictly adhered to at Apomeds! Here you can find out more.

There are three types of medicines in Britain

Over-the-counter medications: can also be sold at any drugstore
Pharmacy-dependent medicines: these products can ONLY be bought in the pharmacy without a prescription
Prescription drugs: these are subject to the Regulation of the Medicines Act and can only be purchased with a prescription in the pharmacy.
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Brands vs Generic

Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra, is a copycat of the already researched original drug called Viagra, from Pfizer. A generic medicine is a copy of the drug that is already on the market with another brand name. The generic medicine is usually offered under the INN name, the international generic name of the active ingredient, with the addition of the manufacturer’s name.

What is generic Viagra?

The generic must be relatively accurate in terms of safety and efficacy to the original product, which is checked under strict controls.

The generic of Viagra is usually known under the name Sildenafil. The active ingredient must be identical, the excipients are arbitrary, and for this reason, generics are also better tolerated by some people. Sildenafil is the active ingredient which is also contained in the original Viagra. The advantage of generics is the price, because generic drugs are a lot cheaper than the original.
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